Nature of grievance

In cases where the Police refuses to register the FIR, or even otherwise, any aggrieved person instead of approaching police for registration of offence, may directly go to concerned Magistrates Court for the registration of offence and investigation.

There are several offences being defined under IPC for offences against injury to human body and mental injury. Depending upon the nature of acts and omissions attributed and alleged against the person accused, the applicable section may be invoked. However, serious offences like Murder, culpable homicide not amounting to murder, etc. are not included herein.

Sr. No.Offence
1IPC Section 304A for causing death by negligence
2 IPC Section 321 causing Hurt
3 IPC Section 322 causing grievous Hurt
4 IPC Section 324 causing Hurt by dangerous weapons or means
5 IPC Section 326 causing Grievous Hurt by dangerous weapons or means
6 IPC Section 327 causing Hurt to extort property or to constraint to do illegal act
7 IPC Section 336 acting in manner thereby endangering life or personal safety of others
8 IPC Section 383 extortion by putting a person in fear of injury to cause said person to deliver any property or valuable security
9 IPC Section 385 putting a person in fear of injury in order to commit extortion
10 IPC Section 387 putting a person in fear of death or grievous Hurt
11 IPC Section 498A subjecting a women to cruelty
12 IPC Section 499 against a person making false and derogatory allegation
13 IPC Section 503 against a person for intimidation

If the person Accused is apparently not directly involved in the alleged offence, but has caused the occurrence of the offence by way of indirect participation in the crime or otherwise, the criminal liability may be fastened upon such persons on the basis of sharing the “common intention” as suggested and defined u/s 34 of IPC; or by way of “abetment” as suggested and defined u/ss 107 to 116 of IPC; or by way of “criminal conspiracy” as suggested and defined u/s 120A of IPC, 1860. Read further at links below.