Nature of grievance

SUIT AGAINST ONE WHO, HAVING A RIGHT TO USE PROPERTY FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES, PERVERTS IT TO OTHER PURPOSES: Where a person who is having a right to use a property for specific purposes, but perverts the use of the said property, i.e. a distortion or misapplication of said property - materially impairing the value of a property - rendering it substantially unfit for its natural use - A Suit may be filed for - Removal of the perversion - (1896) ILR 24 Cal 160; (1898) ILR 20 All 519; Compensation - (1921) 62 IC 779; Injunction - AIR 1924 All 814; Ejectment - AIR 1948 Nag 20. Relief can be sought for all these aforesaid - (1899) ILR 26 Cal 564 (FB), Within two years from the date when the alleged perversion of the property first becomes known to the person injured thereby, under Article 84 of the Indian Limitation Act, 1963