Nature of grievance

Where it is alleged that -

  1. A Company has, in any manner, committed / committing a big / serious financial fraud of massive proportions, upon the Shareholders of the Company, or
  2. the Company is indulging into serious illegalities which grossly prejudices the interest of the Shareholders, or prejudices the interest of the Society at large; or
  3. that the affairs of any company are not being managed in accordance with sound business principles or prudent commercial practices; or
  4. that any company is being managed in a manner likely to cause serious injury or damage to the interests of the trade, industry or business to which it pertains; or
  5. that the financial position of any company is such as to endanger its solvency;

the aggrieved person may make a complaint to concerned Registrar of Companies; or to concerned Regional Directors appointed under the Companies Act, 2013; or to Dept of Company Affairs, estd. under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, u/ss 206, 209, 210, 211 of the Companies Act, 2013. Further, the Registrar of Companies, on perusing any document which a company is required to submit to him under this Act, may call for information or explanation from the Company.