Nature of grievance

Where a private entity blatantly violate the laws of the land and the law enforcing agency, either merely issues a Notice or merely files a case against the said Private entity (without any genuine intention to prosecute with the said Notice or prosecute the said case in the Court of law; or the said Private entity on receipt of Notice, approaches the Court of law and if (by misleading the Court) obtain interim injunction against the said law enforcing agency, and the said law enforcing agency does not object to said (unlawful) interim injunction by the said Court, the aggrieved person may - Make a Complaint to the Law officer of the said Law enforcing agency, stating among other things, therein, that the said private entity has apparently/ prima facie obtained interim injunction by misleading the Court, and requesting / urging the said Law officer to bring to the notice true state of facts before the concerned court and causing the said Court to vacate the said interim injunction; and where the said Law officer fails to take desired lawful course of action, a Complain may be recorded against the said Law officer, to the Authority Higher in Rank to the said concerned Law officer, alleging "Misconduct", "breach of duty", "Professional misconduct" by the said concerned Law officer